Home / SpiritThe Art of Salt – Sea Salts 101

I recently visited my parents and found my mom still using iodized table salt. After I pulled my-mortified-self together I went about the business of explaining how table salt is what’s left once all minerals are stripped and replaced with a bevy of synthetic chemicals (like toxic amounts of potassium iodide, aluminum derivatives, bleach & [...]

Home / SpiritMy Kitchen Secrets: 5 Time-Saving Tips, Tricks & Tools

It’s like clockwork… the leaves change colors, cooler temperatures descend and I give in the urge to nest. Lucky for my husband, and whomever happens to visit my home during the fall and winter months, this results in more time spent in the kitchen. Unfortunately city life doesn’t ease up to accomodate my desire to [...]

Home / SpiritHome: Accessorizing My Pantry

Sometime in the not-so-distant past my kitchen was a catastrophe. I was abusing Ziploc bags, bursting at the seams with mismatched tupperware and living with no coherent system for storing my dry goods. That is until I saw this dreamy “zero-waste” kitchen & met the latest love of my kitchen life: Le Parfait jars. Cooking [...]

Home / SpiritLife: Engaging the Senses

I’ve just discovered the kumquat. As the New York Times puts it the kumquat is like an orange in reverse, with a sweet skin and tart pulp. That’s not to say I didn’t know it existed, I knew but hadn’t yet experienced it. Eating one is quite literally a full on sensory experience & it [...]