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SpiritThis is NOT an Abandoned Blog! :)

…it’s just been an intensely eventful few months filled with a few major life changes. I’ve been reassessing my goals, creating an action plan, and taking steps towards challenging new endeavors (the details of which I do hope to share at some point). In the past I might have put undue pressure on myself to [...]

SpiritThe Gift of a Life Change

Every new day offers a chance to change someone’s life – holidays are no exception. Here are 5 ways to change the life of someone you love this season. Though not all of the ideas are material, they are all gifts. Click the images for point of purchase or sources. Change Your Career & Find [...]

Home / SpiritThe Art of Salt – Sea Salts 101

I recently visited my parents and found my mom still using iodized table salt. After I pulled my-mortified-self together I went about the business of explaining how table salt is what’s left once all minerals are stripped and replaced with a bevy of synthetic chemicals (like toxic amounts of potassium iodide, aluminum derivatives, bleach & [...]

Home / SpiritMy Kitchen Secrets: 5 Time-Saving Tips, Tricks & Tools

It’s like clockwork… the leaves change colors, cooler temperatures descend and I give in the urge to nest. Lucky for my husband, and whomever happens to visit my home during the fall and winter months, this results in more time spent in the kitchen. Unfortunately city life doesn’t ease up to accomodate my desire to [...]

SpiritShe’s Funny

I’m on a comedic writer slash actress kick of late. It’s refreshing to be offered entertainment that transcends archetypes from successful, self-assured woman who avoid writing clichéd female leads. I laugh with them, (especially hard when I’m watching Lena Dunham on Girls – YOU MUST WATCH) not at them. Rashida Jones says of her character [...]

SpiritMy Summer In Pictures

* NYC rooftops. * Tropical green smoothies. * Mom’s vintage summer dresses. * Long weekends in Montauk & Avon by the Sea. * Summer blockbusters on opening night. * Astoria Park jogs along the east river.* I’m wistful, sure, but I’ve reluctantly accepted the inevitable. Seasons change and autumn has arrived. I’m banking on things [...]

SpiritWelcome, Once More

Welcome, once more, to The Demoiselle, your doorway into the world of The Modern Damsel™. Here you’ll find a feminine approach to