Home design and décor for the modern damsel

HomeThe Gift of Books

Cook books, Kids books, Classic books… All beautifully bound and stylishly packaged as the perfect gift for your favorite collector. Click the image for point of purchase.

Home5 Magnificently Modern Menorahs

Happy 4th day of Hanukkah to those readers who celebrate! There’s something so magical about candlelight – all the more so with the increase of high design options. From Design Within Reach to Jonathan Adler to West Elm, modern menorahs are virtually de rigueur. I hope you enjoy this elegant and eccentric round up. Click [...]

Home10 Refreshingly Modern Holiday Wreaths

It’s a friday Pinfest starring a gorgeous grouping of modern wreaths. I find these simple twists on the traditional holiday wreath refreshing and festive…and so easy to DIY! If you’re on Pinterest follow The Demoiselle and feel free to share the love by pinning these pretty wreaths! Felt, spray-painted acorns, carboard & even candy come [...]

HomeGilded…Gold Accents

All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold – it’s gold-painted, gold-plated, gold-leafed, gold-sprayed. Here’s a list of fun, simple and quite glamorous DIY’s that will make your home shine.

HomeConsidering the Vignette

vi·gnette (vn-yt) n. A decorative design placed at the beginning or end of a book or chapter of a book or along the border of a page; An unbordered picture, often a portrait, that shades off into the surrounding color at the edges. In the world of home design and decor a vignette is simply [...]

HomeCandle Scented Home

Votivo’s Clean, Crisp, White There is nothing worse than walking into a home and being hit with a whiff of perfume that’s waaaaay too strong. To that end I’m partial to the Votivo candle above. It smells exactly like it sounds and it’s slow burning so a little goes a long way. I light it [...]

Home / SpiritThe Art of Salt – Sea Salts 101

I recently visited my parents and found my mom still using iodized table salt. After I pulled my-mortified-self together I went about the business of explaining how table salt is what’s left once all minerals are stripped and replaced with a bevy of synthetic chemicals (like toxic amounts of potassium iodide, aluminum derivatives, bleach & [...]