Damsels Who InspireInterview with Jessica & Emily of Hey Lady! Shoes

Emily Jessica of Hey Lady Shoes

Today’s Damsels Who Inspire feature comes with a few laughs and some sharp biz insight from twin sisters Jessica and Emily, the dynamic duo behind Hey Lady! shoes.

Hey Lady Shoes

Your biz/brand in one sentence:
Vintage personality with modern sensibility party shoes.

Best professional advice you ever got?
Our Dad told us “You’re going to fail. But do it anyway.”

Hey Lady Shoes

One action that has had the greatest impact on your success?
“Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.” –Hunter S. Thompson

Most hilarious or inspiring person you follow via social media?
Jessica’s “husband”, Conan O’Brien and Mindy Kaling, our funny fashionista improv “sista” who also just wants to make her immigrant parents proud. (Check out their version of this Mindy Kaling awesomeness.)

Emily & Jessica

Who would should we interview next? (should be a successful, creative entrepreneur you’re acquainted with whom you think stylish, savvy readers would enjoy learning more about.)
Our “wedding boyfriends” Stephen Spaminato and Gregory Nato from Fancy. Their suave personal style is impeccable and they are true gentlemen, something we wish there was more of in the world.

Your cant-live-without accessory?
Jessica: iPhone, scarves/boots
Emily: global Droid, vintage gold “love” earrings/ring

The ladies of Hey Lady! were also kind enough to satisfy my decor craving (you know I’m obsessed), with a peek inside their chic design studio. Clearly this is where the magic begins…

Hey Lady Design Studio

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