Damsels Who InspireInterview with Teresa Robinson of Nuraxi

Teresa Robinson

I am thrilled to share today’s Damsels Who Inspire feature. Teresa Robinson, owner of Nuraxi, sustainable luxury home decor and accessories, shares the lesson she wishes she learned earlier and one word that has led her to success. I hope you’ll find her wise words as motivating as I have.

Your biz/brand in one sentence:
We travel the world to collaborate with artisans and designers to bring the world into your home with luxury handmade home and accessory collections.

Your cant-live-without accessory?
My simple gold hoop bracelet given to me by godmother on my wedding day – I have not taken it off since! All of my aunts in Argentina wear one, so it always reminds me of my family. The best part is that it’s a classic piece that goes with every outfit.

What skill do you find vital to your success?

One lesson you wish you learned sooner in your entrepreneurial pursuits?

When I first started Nuraxi, I thought I had to do it all on my own. I wish I had learned to ask for help and to accept it sooner. People want to see you succeed!

Most hilarious or inspiring person(s) you follow on any social media outlet.
TED Talks – where else can one learn directly from such a vast array of visionaries and thinkers.

One action or decision that has had the greatest impact on your success.
The courage to start and the strength to continue.

What’s next for you and the brand – anything we should have on our radar?
Yes! Nuraxi’s first e-commerce site launches in the next few weeks. We are so excited to provide our customers with easier access to our collections and in turn creating more of a demand for artisan, well-made luxury pieces.

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