Damsels Who InspireInterview with Couture Creative Director Lela New York

Lela New York Wedding Invitation Designer

Today a lovely friend and owner of Lela New York, the couture invitations and stationery experts, joins the ranks of Damsels Who Inspire. We chatted about the beliefs that have helped her build a successful luxury brand and her surprising “can’t live without” accessory. Enjoy!

Your biz/brand in one sentence:
Lela New York is the couture invitations and stationery experts who just so happen to have an uber stylish wedding blog too.

Your personal mantra.
Dream. Believe. Create.

Invitation by Lela New York

One lesson you wish you learned earlier in your career.

The importance of social media. Today connection is not just about person to person. There are so many other ways to connect to the wedding industry and potential clients. Once I started I noticed a great positive change in my business. I love connecting with fans and new friends via social media.

One action you’ve taken (or decision you’ve made) that has had the greatest impact on your success.
Blogging has made a huge impact and when I started back in 2007 there weren’t so many of us out there. Now I am happy to say that The Lela New York Wedding Blog is one of the top rated NYC blog and reaches not only NY brides but international brides as well.

One thing you do to help your business stand out from the rest.
I stand out by being myself. I am the best version of me and if I stay true to that I will always stand out.

Invitation by Lela New York

One action or decision that has had the greatest impact on your success.
I think the best thing I’ve done as relates to success is to always be moving forward. If I thought too far into the future I would have been paralyzed, instead I just tried to figure out what my next step would be.

The biggest challenge you’ve faced as an entrepreneur.
The constant work flow is the toughest challenge. Social media is great, I love it, but it also means I’m always connected. If I don’t give my mind the chance to rest and I run the risk of burning out. Balance is key.

The thing that keeps you going when the going gets tough.
When the going gets tough, and it does sometimes, I like to keep positive. I take time to be around my loved ones for support and some fun. Then, I analyze what the problem may be, see if change needs to occur to solve it, and determine what to do in the future to keep it from happening again. Then I let go and move forward.

Brooklyn Themed Invitation by Lela New York

Anything on your biz/brand radar in the near future that we should keep on ours?
The Lela New York Wedding Blog will soon be relaunching and will be full of more fun and inspiration so stay tuned!

Your cant-live-without accessory
I can’t go anywhere without my iphone – I feel naked.

credits: portrait by Trent Bailey Photography; invitations by Lucky Me Photography


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