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If you’re as Mad Men style crazed as I you’ll adore these swanky, retro doorknob sets by Rejuvenation…and the video afterwards.

Speaking of Mad Men – this song has been stuck in my head since last Sunday evening. Now it’ll be stuck in yours too! *evil laugh*

I dug up Sophia Loren’s version as well! As one of my style icons she gets my vote but who do you think does it better?

Image(s): Get It Girl Style


  • Lena says:

    I’ve had that stuck in my head all week, too!

  • Janessa Ann says:

    Funny I had this song in my head all week. Caught myself singing out loud a few times.Hehe! My husband found it cute. ;)
    I think Sophia has a beautiful voice, but love the french version of it better for some reason. “I love Mad Men”…
    BTW ~ I am so glad I came across your blog via pinterest. I am a veil and headpiece designer in Chicago. Looking forward to reading more posts!

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